The Apparent Energy Manager May Possibly be the Best Investment
Any Owner Can Make for their Hotel.
The ROI is Unmatched by Any other Investment.

The Apparent Energy Manager

An innovative wireless room control system designed to save up to 43% on property utilities costs, as well as offering a return on investment in less than two years. The hospitality industry is becoming extremely frustrated with occupancy sensors. Guests don’t feel comfortable with them, and they provide limited returns. We don’t believe the ROI is there for them. We offer the same returns with integration to your PMS system and sold/unsold status. With the Apparent Energy Manager, customers receive a fully integrated, fully wireless, centralized guest room energy management system. Many systems will assert their own wireless claims, but buried in the fine print you will find an Ethernet or thermostat cable. Customers will not see it included on their proposal and will pay thousands of extra dollars in hardware and installation cost.

See The Difference

Demand is often a major component of a utility bill. The Apparent Energy Manager software enables demand management by providing a series of opportunities to reduce the demand of the products attached to it. This enables our customers to participate in Demand Response programs and actually help reduce the amount of energy the utilities are required to provide. It puts money directly back in to our customer’s pocket. The Apparent Energy Manager provides an opportunity to participate in various incentive programs.


Benefits of Our System:

  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • No Impact on Guest Comfort
  • No Construction for Installation Needed
  • No Training to Operate
  • No Impact on Decor
  • ROI of Less Than Two Years
  • Potentially an Energy star or LEED Rating for Property