TRAINING: We provide technical training as well as management training on the hardware and software components of the Apparent Energy Manager. The purpose of technical training will be to familiarize engineering staff with all aspects of hardware and software with a focus on hardware connections, installation, and programming. Technical training will also consist of understanding the software features, including reports, scheduling, layout construction, and remote access, among others.

Management training will provide an overview of energy management and how our system can assist management in maximizing energy savings potential. It is our practice to work with management over the first few months of operation to ensure system calibration and opportunity maximization.

SUPPORT: 24/7/365 email and phone support is available to answer system specific questions. Additional charges may apply for reconfiguration or implementation of additional functionality.

REBATES AND INCENTIVES: There are various incentive programs to be obtained when installing our system (programs and terms vary by state). At the properties request we will apply for and obtain all federal and state incentives for installing the Apparent Energy Manager system

We can also enroll the property in a demand response program and help them monitor and shed load in order to qualify for these payouts.

WARRANTY: We offer a one year manufacturer warranty for all hardware and software.