The Apparent Energy Manager software drives your building network, enabling you to save in ways other systems don’t offer.

The System

Our patented energy management system manages your HVAC equipment, reducing yo energy bills by up to 43%, while making your guests more comfortable. The system installs in buildings under construction, or buildings that are years old. Installation is quick, easy and clean. The Apparent Energy Manager can be used with PTACs, fan coil units, baseboard electric heat, and rooftop HVAC.

The Hardware

The Apparent Energy Manager hardware links your entire building together, allowing centralized monitoring and control of your HVAC, common areas and lighting.

Precision Thermostat – The precision digital thermostat is conveniently located so occupants can adjust their guestroom temperature (within the high/low limits you program through the software). It sends wireless RF (radio frequency) signals to the Remote Control Node. Unlike other systems, we don’t use infrared signals, as those are easily blocked by furniture and curtains.

Control Node – The control node is mounted inside the guestroom HVAC unit, and controls the unit according to instructions sent by wireless RF from the room’s thermostat. The Nodes “talk” through the walls and ceiling to other rooms, creating the patented Mesh Network that links your entire building together. The Control Node is completely hidden from view.

Management PC – The “central command” for your building, this computer is located at your front desk or office. Or, you can login remotely from any computer with internet access, and control your building from home, even while on vacation.


The Software

Our software features go beyond typical setbacks for unsold rooms.

Full Scheduling – Schedule any room/equipment to run exactly – and only – when and how you choose. Meeting in conference room E, at 9AM? Schedule the heat to start/stop exactly when it’s needed, and not a minute longer. Schedule guestrooms, hallways, lobbies so you stop wasting energy.
Energy Forecast – Our 5-day weather/occupancy forecast predicts your energy demand, so you can adjust to meet your goals.
Expected Demand – Your utility company is required to keep your building’s expected demand on tap in case you need it. You get billed for that energy, whether you use it or not. Our software helps reduce this expected demand. Stop wasting money on energy you won’t use.

Threshold Triggers – When you approach a usage limit, the Apparent Energy Manager can automatically run routines, such as cycling down your hallway HVAC on each floor for 5-10 minutes, then moving to the next floor, up and down your building in a sequence. Guests won’t notice this, but it can save a great deal of money. Trigger these routines upon request, or automatically when you approach limits.

Demand Response Programs – Since utility companies operate near capacity, third-party programs will pay you to occasionally reduce your energy demand for a matter of hours. These payments are substantial, but you cannot get them without a system that reduces your real-time energy use upon demand. The Apparent Energy Manager does exactly that – enabling you to receive substantial extra payments from these third-party programs – without disrupting your guests. That’s additional money you get to keep.

Hotel Software – Apparent Energy Manager software links with your existing hotel software, so it knows immediately when guests check out and their rooms become “unsold.” At that moment, the system will switch that room’s status to “Unsold,” and reduces energy use to that room for even deeper savings.

Ready Rooms – Automatically keep a few rooms at “ready temperature” for new check-in arrivals.

Expandable – Many systems don’t let you control common areas or rooftop RTU’s. When they do, they make you run additional cable to network those units. Because our system is plug-and-play – and wireless, If you decide to expand the system, we can easily add more thermostats/nodes in hallways, meeting rooms, ballrooms, lobbies, rooftop RTU’s, restaurant coolers, and pools – and those pieces of equipment will automatically connect to the network.

Alerts –Alerts are set to be sent via Email or SMS to notify staff of potential equipment/temperature problems in guestrooms. These alerts help the hotel fix HVAC problems before guests complain and demand givebacks.

The Network

The Apparent Energy Manager networks your entire building together, without cables. Our patented building network is the most vital feature, as it gives you centralized monitoring and control of your entire property. Many other systems generally don’t offer a building network. When they do, they typically require the installation of expensive and ugly cables to link your rooms together. We’re wireless – no cables, and we’re not limited to rooms or apartments – Apparent Energy Manager can control every part of your building. Our wireless network “talks” room to room, and floor to floor down to your desk. It is extremely reliable, since the wireless “mesh network” is self-healing. If a room were to drop out, the remaining rooms will still communicate with the network.