What Your Customers Are Saying

We built our system for everyone to benefit from. Our system eliminates the most common problem of other systems; guest complaints. The Apparent Energy Manager works discreetly to cut your energy costs without having occupants even know or feel a difference. If there ever is a temperature problem you are alerted right away before anyone else notices it.

We did the research and the programming so that YOU won’t have to deal with the negative feedback and reviews such as these:

July 1, 2012
…was in the mid-90′s and humid… after we went to sleep we both woke up to a very warm room. The thermostat has a motion sensor. When we stopped moving it automatically shut the system off. My husband would get up, walk across the room to activate the sensor and the AC would start again. We repeated this throughout the night and got very little sleep. I realize this hotel probably saves money by using this sensor but in the future we will always ask about thermostats with motion sensors because lack of sleep due to an uncomfortable room on a hot night far outweighs all the positives this hotel had.

July 18, 2012
They said that they’re an eco-hotel as in “they’re helping to save the environment”… HOWEVER, when there’s a 100 degrees heat wave, their ACs are also hooked up to the motion sensor! So we slept TERRIBLE every night drenched in sweat. In order to get the AC on we’d take turns dancing for the motion sensor.

Oct 12, 2012
…you wake up sweating in an 85 degree room because you don’t move around much when you sleep… Why pay $400 plus per night and be miserable at night?

July 28, 2009
The air conditioner was controlled by an automatic thermostat with “occupancy” sensor. It took the room a long time to cool down, even with the thermostat set at the lowest temp.

October 6, 2012
The A/C was a bit hard to control and went from hot to cold, back to hot… due to the occupancy sensor and its inability to distinguish when nobody was in the room versus people in the room

September 20, 2011
In practice it was incredibly annoying. If I left the room for longer than an hour the ac would shut off leaving the room hot and stuffy. I woke up several times to find that the AC had shut off and the room temp at balmy 79 degrees. Needless to say this made for a lousy night’s sleep… I get the feeling the franchisee that owns this hotel doesn’t really care about their customers… With that type of lousy customer service I won’t be patronizing them again.

Jun 30, 2006
Anyone happen to know exactly WHERE in the room the motion sensor is located? If I can find this information, I’ll be sure to put my oscillating fan very end to it so that there is “constant motion” in the room near the sensor.

Jun 30, 2006
No motion through the night – so the room has to get pretty darn hot. I have this mental picture in my mind of families taking shifts through the night… all taking their turns running around the room to keep the a/c on throughout the night. Really feel sorry … their nights must be hell. Surely this can’t be right